Driver narrowly avoids collision with car after overtaking HGV

This is the shocking moment a hasty driver almost had head-on collision with another car after dangerously overtaking a HGV.
Dash cam footage from inside the lorry shows a black car on the A65 near Lupton heading towards Kirby Lonsdale, in Cumbria, trying to get ahead of traffic.
The driver of the HGV, a 52-year-old truck driver from Keighley in West Yorkshire, said the incident happened on Sunday November 4. 
In the video the lorry can be seen heading down a two lane road marked as a 40mph zone.
As the HGV nears oncoming traffic in the opposite lane, a black car quickly comes from behind the lorry and crosses into the other lane.
It manages to overtake and quickly crosses back into the correct lane - narrowly missing the cars in the other lane.
The black car speeds on ahead before beginning to disappear around an upcoming corner.
The HGV driver, who has more than 25 years HGV class 1 experience, said he has sent the footage to Cumbria Police.
He said: 'In all my years driving trucks I have had many close shaves due to impatient car drivers, but this was probably the closest yet.'
Dozens of people have watched the near miss on Facebook and commented saying they are shocked at the driver's actions.
One person wrote: 'What an idiot. Report for sure.'  

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